Day 12: Jesus is my Friend

How would you describe your relationship with Jesus?? Seems like a good question to ask at the beginning of camp.

Is he an aquaintance who you periodically run into and share a “hello!” with?

Is he a friend that you call, text or Facebook message when times get rough?

Or is he your life… your breath? Do you seek Him with everything because you would feel lost without Him?

Christ calls us to carry our cross daily. That pretty means all the time.. I guess.

That was today’s theme. And really – it’s a question that can be repeated each day when we wake – not just at the beginning of a journey… What is my relationship with Jesus going to be – today. Hopefully each night when we rest our head we can say that we did out best to carry our cross and follow Him.

As for the highlights… Sarah performed The Cup Song (You’re Going to Miss Me When I’m Gone) during the talent show that was well liked by the group. We also began to pack – hard to believe our time here is at its end!


20130712-160544.jpgBeet soup… She tried it – once 🙂


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