Day 11: Sharing your Faith… And a Little Free Time!

When was the last time you purposely shared the gospel with a friend, co worker or a family member? Bro we count this as just as important as our occupation, or the latest gossip on Facebook?

Youth – and adults – in Poland give the same excuse as we do in America. “I don’t have the gift to share…” is usually the top vote giver. Today we discusses at length not just how to share Jesus with others, but worked with the kids to help them see that sharing is not a gift – it is a command. God has given us gifts – music, listening, leadership and more – that he wants us to use to reach others for Him. Just as importantly – he gives us a desire for fellowship with others that will help draw those in darkness to the light shown through us (2 Corinthians 4:5).

Sarah continues to be amazing! With older kids – she is a little more on the sidelines but she asks questions, prays and sings when asked.

The second half of our day was spent in Old Town Warsaw. Here are some pics.





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