Day 10: Enriching your Faith

Pray, read, memorize and serve. 4 words that are easy to type and say… But oftentimes difficult to do.

Today we dug into what it means to not only live out the life if a Christ follower, but to do it in almost total isolation.

At the end of the day, we had a wonderful discussion with 3 of the camp kids – Samuel, Victoria and Olga. All three are in their mid to late teens – 16 to 18 years old… and a depth of faith I have rarely seen from people of all ages. When asked what the biggest obstacle to their daily walk was – they said it was the temptation to listen to the world’s message that this life is all about them and their needs. They specifically mentioned as inspiration to serve others before themselves. Wow!

It would have been really easy for these teens to say that each go to schools with hundreds of students and can only count the number of Christians on one hand – but they only mentioned it when asked.

Pray, read, memorize and serve. Made easier to do when you realize that their are teens like Samuel, Victoria and Olga living a world away doing it without excuses.



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