Day 7: The American Tourist

With tomorrow a travel and preparation day – today was our day to have fun as tourist. We could not have packed more into the day if we tried!

20130707-004625.jpgThe day began an hour from Elblang at The Molbrok Castle – the world’s largest castle but was nearly totally destroyed during WW2. Incredibly – they are still doing repair work and you can see pick marks many walls from bullets and mortar.

20130707-005046.jpgOur next visit was very sobering – the Suttoth Concentration Camp. Over 65,000 died at this camp – which is incredibly only 1/46th of the number of people who died at Auschwitz. A very dark place but one that is a reminder what happens when we a don’t confront evil forces.

20130707-010144.jpgOur final stop was the Baltic Sea port town of G’dansk. WW2 literally began in this Polish town when the Germans took it over. Today it is a beautiful town filled with winding European streets and shops and cathedrals.

Tomorrow we leave for Warsaw!


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