Day 6: Final Day – Elblag Camp

Each night the leadership team gets together to review the plans and themes for the next day’s camp. With Friday being the last day we will be with the kids – the theme was to share with them the salvation message.

The leader asked one of the camp staff about sharing the message at the morning meeting. This staffer had put together all the notes to talk to the kids and was fully prepared to lead the talk.

It was at this time I look over at Sarah – who had her arm raised. I thought she had a question and someone even said – Sarah’s arm is raised. When the camp leader called on her she simply said:

“I’ll do it.”

“What?” said the leader.

“I’ll lead the message.”

And that was it. Sarah shared the salvation story with the campers today and told them that is why she came to camp – so they would know that Jesus loves them so much that he died for them.

It was a memory I will never forget!

Camp children with Pastor Pawel


One thought on “Day 6: Final Day – Elblag Camp

  1. You and Sarah are a blessing to so many people. She has amazing courage. We will continue to pray for you guys.

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